All my life I wanted to be a speaker. As a child, when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, “I don’t know what it’s called, but I want to get up on a stage and talk to thousands of people.”

In high school, I was constantly being told by both teachers and students, I should focus my untamed energy into public speaking and when I made the decision to attend college, Public Speaking was my major. However, sometimes life gets in the way and we veer off course and pursue other things, yet our passions are deep rooted within us and if we listen to that inner voice, we will always find our way back home.

I thought speakers had to be experts in something so I decided to write a book, then another, then another. After 12 bestselling books, I realized I was now an expert and could follow my dreams of being an Inspirational Speaker. So, I joined Toastmasters and not only learned a great deal from this amazing organization, I won several speech contests. I read every book, attended every online webinar, went to speech contests, and studied every speaker I admired. I did it all!

Then in 2016 I had major surgery that saved my life and I realized why was I putting off following my dream. I want to be an Inspirational Speaker!!! So, I took a leap of faith, left a job I was frustrated with, and within a month, began my speaking career.

My signature speech, “Say YES to Life!” is based on my latest book, “I Have Always Wanted To…How almost losing my life inspired me to start living it.” Link to purchase on My Message page.


My style is that I don’t give speeches, I tell stories that are humorous, touching, and real. I engage with the audience and speak to them as though we are already friends.

What some of my wonderful audience members say:

“I have known Lisa V. Proulx for many years. She has been a friend, loyal client, and a huge help to me promoting my business. I have read many of her books. They have keep me entertained, educated, and on the edge of my seat. I had the privilege to attend an open house/book signing for Lisa this month. Her skills as a writer and speaker were passionate, positive, and meaningful. I highly recommend Lisa for your next event!” Theresa L. Murray, Senior Stylist, Head to Toes Salon

“Lisa is a dynamic speaker who connects with her audiences using humor and lively descriptions. Her energy is contagious.” Patty M.

“I have had the privilege of hearing Lisa V. Proulx at a book signing. She captured the audience and kept them entertained. Many have asked where and when she will be appearing next. I was captivated and bought all of her books!” Lisa Gallion, Owner and Stylist, Head to Toes Salon

“I’ve seen Lisa speak at many of her book signings and I find her to be engaging and a total blast! She has the greatest sense of humor and loves interacting with the women in the audience. Her speeches are a real wake-up call and I’ve walked away from them feeling confident and on top of the world!” Mallie Victoria

“I love listening to Lisa speak. Her speeches are very inspirational and really make me think. She’s funny, real, and on top of that, a real sweetheart!” Steve Barnes, Production Manager, AMGC

“Lisa is an amazing speaker who really got me to wake up and smell the roses of a bad relationship I was in. Her latest book should be a bible for all women! I loved listening to her! She is hilarious and her advice is so dead on right! I loved her and can’t wait to hear her speak again!” Veronica M.

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